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Fantasy Website Dedicated to

 author 'Hugh Cook', creator of 

'Chronicles of an Age of Darkness'.

PLAN: The Completion, on a Fanfiction basis, of the 60 Volumes of Hugh Cook's 'Chronicles of an Age of Darkness'.  Using the notes remaining from Hugh's website, I will develop a comprehensive plot for volumes 11 to 60 and gradually develop and write the remainder of the saga in my own fanfiction vision of Hugh's ideas.


Hugh Cook Chronicles Website

Hugh Cook Reddit


Volume 11 Era

The Wyvvern and the Warlock

Volume 12 Era

The Watchtower and the  


Chronicles of the Sunlight Sea

Tales of Sung

Volume 13 Era

The Weird and the Warped

Tales of Darkness

The Voice and the Ventigern

Volume 14 Era

The Wheelwright 

and the Window-Washer

Volume 15 Era

The Woeful and the Wise

Volume 16 Era

The Waxman and the Warthog

Volume 17 Era

The Whale and the Watermaiden

Volume 60 Era

The Navigator and the Nexus

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Hugh Cook Fanfiction Youtube Channel

Adventures in Life World of Olo Malan Youtube Lifestyle Channel